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Wiki Software+

The Knowledge Hub of Every Organization

Integrate your organization’s entire knowledge base with our Wiki Software+.
It’s an encyclopedia made just for your company.

All your organizations’ knowledge in one place

Wiki Software+ bundles your company’s knowledge resources within one encyclopedia.

Wiki Software+  - an essential hub to store your organization's knowledge base.

Losing a vital piece of information has negative consequences for the future development of your organization.

That’s why our Wiki Software+ integrates all the knowledge sources within your organization in one simple software. We offer the knowledge hub that every successful organization needs to store knowledge acquired by your company’s internal resources to simplify future processes.

Safeguard your organization’s knowledge base with your custom powerful Wiki Software+

Share knowledge seamlessly

You can use this software as a public, private, or personal knowledge base, depending on the access level you want to assign to each employee.

Wiki Software+

your organizations’ knowledge bank

We are providing you with the best solution to integrate all your organization’s data and knowledge in one single database.

You can easily define each step regarding what type of data should be accessible at any time and in any form.

Our experts at zehnplus will implement your wishes and adapt your customized Wiki Software+ to your needs.

Access your knowledge base fast

Authentication mechanisms and built-in access controls help you access your knowledge base in a fast and secure manner. You can instantly share knowledge within your team, easily access your knowledge base, and have all the information you need to boost productivity.