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Social Intranet Software+

Build your brand’s digital social scene and empower your entire organization’s social network wherever they are in the world.

Social Intranet Software+ helps companies exchange information quickly and efficiently. Share knowledge within your organization to implement the correct solutions at the right time.

Digital Workspace solutions in one software

Communication between employees is a key driver for your organization’s success. Social Intranet Software+ functions like an internal website that helps your employees connect, share and collaborate to bring relevant information to those who need it.

Experience seamless information exchange within your company

Engage employees in discussion forums

Social Intranet Software+ functions independently of your companies’ public network. Employees can participate in discussions, share new ideas, and find all the information they need to make quick and informed decisions, all in one software.

Get expert knowledge instantly

Employees can quickly access expert knowledge regardless of their location. You’ll get an integrated chat system that contains your organizations’ flow of emails to improve efficiency when accessing information through the Social Intranet Software+ .

This Social Intranet Software+ is what you need to enable fast access to information and instant communication within your organization.

Boost Your Company’s Internal Communication System

Measure KPIs during knowledge exchange between your employees

Always know what’s going on with your employees. Keep all employee communication channels in one place, so you can measure employee performance and keep knowledge exchange all in one software.

Higher productivity equals more employee engagement

Optimize the flow of internal communication within your digital workspace today!