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WISDOM Knowledge Management Software+

The smartest way to manage your data

A Knowledge Management Software that centralizes your company’s knowledge and delivers it securely to where it’s needed the most.

Your company’s knowledge in one central knowledge base

Knowledge within a company is one of the most valuable resources. With your own tailored knowledge management software, you can keep know-how of your organizational knowledge and simplify internal data management across a multichannel environment.

Unleash the full potential of your business

The WISDOM Knowledge Management Software+ gives you a consolidated knowledge base  in one place and makes it securely available across all your digital channels.

You can easily and securely access your organizational knowledge from anywhere, on any device, at the click of a button. You will avoid the hassle of having to maintain multiple data sources across entire work processes.

Unleash the full potential of your business with our WISDOM Knowledge Management Software+

The zehnplus team was convincing with its serious analysis of our needs, through their strategic thinking of how to optimize our processes, organizational knowledge during the course of the project. They also had a friendly approach at all times.

Powered by AI-driven data retrieval to quickly and accurately get the information you need and deliver it exactly where it’s needed most.

The Wisdom Knowledge Management Software+ has 8 flexible products that combine to provide your workforce with all the essential information they need at any time. Our Intelligent automation solutions will enhance your business processes across all customer and employee channels.

Our data management solution analyses, combines, connects, enhances and shares data from multiple sources within your organization in one single knowledge base.

Standardize every process within one simple software and substantially reduce your company’s operational costs. With our knowledge management software, your company will save time and money and see a positive ROI of 3 -6 months.

Store your organization’s knowledge in one knowledge base

Our WISDOM Knowledge Management Software+ will consolidate your PDF documents, emails, or websites in one place. Anyone can share every piece of information internally with assigned groups.

Research and Development Centers around the World

We have Research and Development centres in Switzerland (HQ), Norway, Sweden and the United States, to ensure we have the best solution ready for you, at the right time.