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FAQ Software+

Lightning-Fast Customer Service

Reply instantly to your customers’ inquiries with our AI-powered FAQ Software+. It has a complete store of your knowledge-base to give your customers every answer they need at the click of a button.

Focus on your customers; we’ll take care of your FAQs.

Get answers to every customer inquiry in one software

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) software allows you to answer consumer inquiries instantly. It automatically connects via your knowledge base or help center to get the correct answers for your customers.

The automated FAQ software that reads your customers’ minds

Spend more time on getting happy customers; we’ll take care of the FAQ

zehnplus provides you with the best FAQ software that helps your customer support team dig deep into multiple channels to find those questions consumers are asking. It leverages this knowledge to give you every question you need to include in your FAQ. We search for the questions; you prepare the FAQ section. It’s that simple.

Share knowledge with your customers instantly

Instantly share answers to your customers’ most common questions with this easy-to-use AI-powered software. Relieve your customer support team of all the pressure and gain more satisfied clients.

Lightning Fast, accurate answers.
Every time!

Add our FAQ Software+ to your website, and help your customers with their purchases quickly and efficiently. Learn more about your customers and let us handle the questions.

Integrates seamlessly with your support software

Over ten years of continuous product development and improvement are behind the success of our FAQ Software+. The latest versions of our artificial intelligence knowledge-based application are utilized with great success within companies throughout Europe.

Case Studies

Xing Business Network

Intelligent FAQ tool software

Our KI-based XING FAQ software allows users to instantly find the right topics/questions that solve their concerns in different languages across the world! We seamlessly integrated our intelligent FAQ tool into the companies’ system, providing the best possible consumer satisfaction.

Frank Berkhan



Sunrise Communications AG

Measure information in the digital workspace

zehnplus developed a Java-Based solution that gathers all consumer questions from multiple sources in one Software. We effectively optimized the flow of information within Sunrise Communication AG, giving the correct answers to customers at the right time.

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We’re always happy to answer your questions and advise you personally regarding the FAQ Software+.